The art of translation is much more than substituting this word for that word. The finished translation must be able to function as a piece of writing in its own right. It must communicate your message accurately to your clients in their own language. It is therefore important to use the right translator, someone who can fully understand the source text and translate it using the right words, ensuring that the original meaning is not lost.

As the owner of Evidentia, Claire Loveridge takes a real pride in her work, and has a strong belief in the power of communicating to people in their own language. A true passion for languages has developed into a talent and energy for translations that are not only accurate, but are also correct in the terminology they use and the meaning they convey.

One of Evidentia’s key objectives is to develop long term close working relationships with their clients, so that our clients feel we are part of their team. In this way we will understand our clients more fully and bring this understanding to their translations.

Have a look around this site to get an idea of Evidentia and how we work, if you have any comments, it would be great to hear from you!

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